Scott Fitzgerald / mostly human



[rift] is an interactive video installation that frees the viewer to move physically through the recorded time of video. Visitors engage the projected image alternately as explorers, navigating recorded time with their movements, and as painters, using their gestures as strokes on the video canvas. Timelapse video footage is fed through custom software that translates motion through the space of the installation into motion through the timeline of the video.

[rift] was conceived and developed by doron altaratz, scott fitzgerald, and eric socolofsky.

An infrared camera picks up visitors’ motion through the space of the installation, which is then fed into the software engine. areas of the projected image that correspond to the areas of motion in the camera’s field of view are manipulated depending on the amount of change; the longer an area of the installation registers change, the further forward in the timeline of the video that area of the projection moves. When that area of the installation is vacated, the corresponding area of the projection cycles back toward the beginning of the video’s timeline.

The engine also allows for interchangability of the timelapse footage. In its initial installation, the timelapse video footage was switched automatically every night. Over the course of the installation, rift ran through 13 different locations, allowing visitors to explore the time-space of multiple locations over successive visits.


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